Weekend Walk and tree sketching

Last weekend in Bristol was stunning - blue skies and sunny! For the first time in a long time I packed up my bag with my sketch book and took a dander to the land beside the house we're hopefully moving into in a few months. It's a big open space with views right over Bristol, with lots of grass, trees and flowers. I also made the conscious effort not to have my phone in my hand the whole time, so apart from to take the below 2 photos I sat in peace and quiet and doodled! I fully recommend...

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My first post - a background

The first painting I remember doing was when I was 3 in nursery. Upon looking at my page of red paint with a black splodge, my nursery teacher asked 'what's this Jennifer?' to which I responded 'a a cave'.   Growing up, birthday requests were not of dolls or prams, but sketchbooks, paint brushes and bug catchers. I was forever trying to capture the world around me with the tip of a pencil or paintbrush. I was extremely lucky to grow up in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland, with parents who made sure we got plenty of fresh...

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