Weekend Walk and tree sketching

Last weekend in Bristol was stunning - blue skies and sunny! For the first time in a long time I packed up my bag with my sketch book and took a dander to the land beside the house we're hopefully moving into in a few months. It's a big open space with views right over Bristol, with lots of grass, trees and flowers.

I also made the conscious effort not to have my phone in my hand the whole time, so apart from to take the below 2 photos I sat in peace and quiet and doodled! I fully recommend anyone to give it a go. Switch off from fiddling on facebook and checking for notifications. Choose not to phone someone or listen to spotify on your phone whilst you walk. Just enjoy your own thoughts and the sights and sounds around you.

I tried, and failed miserably, at sketching a busy city-scape. Turns out I haven't tried one of these in a long time, plus they take a lot more patience than I was willing to give. Instead I picked out some details in front of me. I started with a few flowers, plucking some up and studying their different faces from various angles. I then picked a few things in the distance and used them as a subject. In the end there were four trees in the distance that stood out and I attempted a few sketches. Below is the end result, I hope you like them, they're currently on my wall and I am in love with them!

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